Conscious State of Dreaming


Dreams are funny things aren’t they.  I once read that they allow a person to process what occurs during the waking hours. We have all heard of dreams of war, being naked before an audience, falling teeth, flying and so much more. Books I have seen on analyzing dreams can be extremely thick, for deeper interpretations or one liners as a quick reference. Whatever they may be dreams have always been a little emotional for me to say the least. I have had dreams nightmares really of wars where I am hiding from being continually chased or as everything crashes around me.  I always wake up before I find out the ending. I think I wake up because they say if you really die in your dream you die in real life. I don’t know if it is true or not but it scares me more then anything else because my dreams are very vivid. 

I wake up sometimes from these deep dreams and wonder where I am.  Yes, even that has happened. When I was a little girl I would tell people about my dreams and they couldn’t believe how wild the were.  What little girl would have a nightmare about Christmas presents chasing her, that scared her so much she woke in the middle of the night in a panic.

I have dreams where I am watching the whole situation and still get scared.  There are dreams that made me have all sorts of feelings.  One day I woke up from a dream watching a man dressed all in black with dark hair and he was holding a girl in the river near the base of a waterfall.  Each time the little girl came out of the water she said “Daddy please can I?” All the while I am watching from the sky saying “kill child molesters”.  Immediately, I woke up miserable and excited at the same time, really so many emotions occurred. Which made me think could this be a repressed childhood memory? I am sure some reading this are pretty positive they know it is.  For they know everything I have ever done. Seriously, my family is like every other family and feels disgusted by child molesters.  

I know how this dream transcended in my mind.  I remembered a conversation where I heard someone saying that disliking child molesters is something everyone can agree on. Also I heard of someone talking about how it took several people to stick knives in people because they needed to be brought down.  Now in my mind I must have mixed them together with some other stuff obviously like where did the waterfall come in?  

Now all my dreams aren’t nightmares. I know I have good dreams to, I think those happen on nights I sleep the entire night or don’t remember or maybe I just didn’t dream that night at all.  I can also dream in short increments during the day.  I guess those are called day dreams, well they are to me maybe not others.  I really can’t control what I dream about most people don’t.  Though the unbelievable realness of my dreams will remain intriguing to figure out how much of my day is processed to support my psychological emotional well being through my dreams.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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