It has been a year of mixed emotions slowly going down hill and this blog has reflected that downturn.  The energy and thoughtfulness, just everything that goes into writing has been absent. So now with the time in between posts I should be able to post something that incorporates more than what is the first thing I blurt that comes to mind.  One must not just be verbose but also live by the meanings of what they wrote. Now I am sure I will have opposing views, though I, like anyone else, always has a need for expression and this is mine.

As a result it is time for a refresher course, my name is Jennie Nawrocki and I am here as your entertainment if only for mere moments. Mind games aside, my writing is about going somewhere to achieve what has never been done, solving conflict between countries and families. There has to be a way to solve problems respectively.  If you want to be a member of that continue reading. For here, I strive to achieve and in any other social media format or personal interactions I may have. Read on my friends read well.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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