sleek, smooth, rough
the outside lays patterns
for the content within
an open air surface

attached to four legs
becomes the table
whether for big events
small dinner parties
or becoming
project avenue

shorter with a few drawers
morphs into a desk
for handling business
personal and professional
though mostly general
correspondence completed
through an electrical attachment

exchanging drawers for shelves
extending throughout its borders
history, both fact and fiction
are held within the papers
of bound books
accented with do dads and treasures

becoming low to the ground
picture books and treasures
rest alongside cups and glasses
combined with snacks
support people congregating
while living daily

when made tall
and shelves are filled
occupied with drawers
they hold many things
only a few are invited to open
still leaving this
sleek, smooth, rough surface
as a stable frame
for all your needs

-Jennie Nawrocki

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