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No Doubt


There is no doubt we as a nation and a world just have entered a scary chapter.

However all I can think about is the timing.

But more importantly I see a connection between Kanye West trying to trademark the word yews and Kanye’s recent reports of controlling his new wife but I believe it is beyond that.

Kanye’s x in- laws Kylie Jenner deleted this

Do you think she was encouraged by Kanye to delete the post or doesn’t she stand with Israel? I believe there is a connection to Kanye just as the GOP has a connection. As stated in this tweet.

Believed to shredded as to not leave a trail.

There are sometimes you delete a tweet in error because it really isn’t what you wanted or realize that it was atrocious normally the action is immediate that is why we have editors, the back space button or delete button but there are sometimes you delete a tweet even if you still mean it because of social backlash. This above tweet by the GOP is such a tweet. Notice this tweet or post is almost exactly a year old and it took at least two months before the GOP deleted it.

When Elon Musk changed Twitter to X there has been noticeable increase in hate language this is the latest hate post look it even has an abridged kanekoa or what I term as aka Kanye.

Those three are increasing hate. And according to Elon Musk

I am assuming through his Satellite Elon Musk is controlling all social media which is why the timing of un frozen funds occurred and also the timing of the ousting of speaker. Trump, Elon and Musk knew what they were planning Biden just couldn’t see through the distractions.

It was proven Trump planned Jan 6th and was indicted. He wanted control then and wants control now but the only problem is most of the Trump, Kayne, and Musk followers are racist.

What is happening now is all connected and planned.


See the signs, better to be safe than sorry.

-Jennie Nawrocki

A Letter


Dear Mr. President-Elect Trump,

I write this letter to you not as a Democrat or Republican or even a Libertarian or Tea Party Representative, I am writing to you as a concerned American Citizen and how you govern the United States Of America will determine who I vote for in the next election.  I know in 4 years you want people like me who wonder what type of president you will be to vote for you, support you and say we are proud you are our American President.  Here are some ways of how to gain my support and respect, beyond the obligatory duty as a citizen towards its leader.

First and foremost I will bring you back to two books that changed the course of American history, Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe and The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  Both books showed how the conditions of American people were so divided, sickening cease pool death traps.  We ended slavery, created the Food and Drug Administration and started thinking about forming unions all from the conditions people were enduring under the downward spiral of inhumanity described in these books. I want you to remember these books as you look at your buildings and the number of immigrants and those living in poverty who most likely manufactured their materials, built their rooms, clean and maintain them and their grounds along with working in those kitchens that serve you and your guests dinner.

These people deserve to have a home that isn’t going to fall apart or have numerous violations because of some slumlord collecting outrageous rent.  In addition to immigrants and those living in poverty, all Americans deserve to know their jobs aren’t going to be lost because they couldn’t afford preventative care due to a major disease.  Americans deserve not to save money to have the possible emergency surgery as the result of some stupid drunk driver hit their car so they could live.  All Americans deserve the same standard care whether rich or poor that doctors took under the hypocratic oath.  We deserve to spend time with our family like you do instead of traveling several hours just to make minimum or a working wage.  In fact, we deserve to be able to afford a home in the same city we work within.  We deserve as Americans that we are apart of making America great again and receive credit for it.

Mr. President-Elect what I am most afraid of is another book will need to be written, this one being about hate crimes.  While we Americans deserve that same right of speech that elected you president, we Americans also know hate and racism are not justified but a difference of opinion on why you like something is tolerated.  I am not a steak or coffee woman but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make or serve it for a guest. You as a renowned host, know how to cater to your guests.  So I ask you Mr. President-Elect imagine inviting all the blue, red,  green, young, old or both rich and poor voters to your party how are you going to treat us the American Citizen as the host.  Will you bring us together without fear of safety, sickness or the feeling of insuperiority so your soirée will be the success you are saying it will be. I ask because we are Americans just like you and deserve the same alienable rights as you do that is provided in the constitution for we including you are the people of the United States of America.

-Jennie Nawrocki