No Doubt


There is no doubt we as a nation and a world just have entered a scary chapter.

However all I can think about is the timing.

But more importantly I see a connection between Kanye West trying to trademark the word yews and Kanye’s recent reports of controlling his new wife but I believe it is beyond that.

Kanye’s x in- laws Kylie Jenner deleted this

Do you think she was encouraged by Kanye to delete the post or doesn’t she stand with Israel? I believe there is a connection to Kanye just as the GOP has a connection. As stated in this tweet.

Believed to shredded as to not leave a trail.

There are sometimes you delete a tweet in error because it really isn’t what you wanted or realize that it was atrocious normally the action is immediate that is why we have editors, the back space button or delete button but there are sometimes you delete a tweet even if you still mean it because of social backlash. This above tweet by the GOP is such a tweet. Notice this tweet or post is almost exactly a year old and it took at least two months before the GOP deleted it.

When Elon Musk changed Twitter to X there has been noticeable increase in hate language this is the latest hate post look it even has an abridged kanekoa or what I term as aka Kanye.

Those three are increasing hate. And according to Elon Musk

I am assuming through his Satellite Elon Musk is controlling all social media which is why the timing of un frozen funds occurred and also the timing of the ousting of speaker. Trump, Elon and Musk knew what they were planning Biden just couldn’t see through the distractions.

It was proven Trump planned Jan 6th and was indicted. He wanted control then and wants control now but the only problem is most of the Trump, Kayne, and Musk followers are racist.

What is happening now is all connected and planned.


See the signs, better to be safe than sorry.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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