Science Is Proven Fact


Science is proven everyday

You store something in the fridge and it slows bad microbes.

You wash your hands to prevent diseases.

We have lived longer because of soap.

Red and blue always make some sort of purple.

Rain falls from the clouds and then evaporates into more clouds.

The air is better outside an industrial zone.

Those who were born in the Andes have lungs that process air differently because of high altitude.

It is almost impossible to cross a raging river unless you are prepared.

Fire burns and is hot.

Milk comes from mammals.

Some oysters have pearls.

Acids make milk congeal.

Many species like to live in communities.

Medical staff wear gloves and masks to prevent disease and the spread of disease.

Almost impossible to get chickenpox when you aren’t around someone with chickenpox.

Arguing with scientific fact is ridiculous.

You don’t need a picture, video or recording of science just put lemon juice and milk together.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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