Set Aside Hate


Some of you are very angry with me, seeking vengeance any way possible. I see it, I hear it, I experience it, and I feel it. So much so that I am now just scum horrible rotten scum. Whatever your reason is you have stopped seeing anything else, you say I am incapable at best. You say I am unfit even for a mothers love. Though you also say go home. You also say, “That irrelevant b**** has to stay out of my lane.” Though you taken my computer, my ability to find a full time work by hacking my emails. But yet I don’t want to take away your social security or require guns to defend myself and haven’t taken any of your choices. So why think I am the former President? I haven’t moved or gone home as you have asked about for years because where I was no longer exists. So we have to come to some consensus, and that is not going to happen without direct conversation. Otherwise you telling me what to do is spilling into America and if that happens we are no longer a democratic society but a single minded one. I really don’t want that as much as you. So if you want progress than let’s not let this be the dark ages but a government for the people, by the people and lead by the people. Choose Trump or choose democracy you have a choice. Seriously choose choices.

-Jennie Nawrocki.

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