Subliminal Messaging


Now that we have seen that social media and the information I have asked is controlled how does it offer the mind. Well if you have seen a YouTube video or even a talk show or what about those posts in your media feed that seem to come out of no where well it could be a part of subliminal messaging which was actually banned from advertising. In fact advertising has lots of rules to it besides you can’t give false advertising to name the main one. The whole reason advertising is a multi billion dollar business is because it works, a short segment to persuade you to buy an item. There is an element to persuasion that is in most communication but subliminal messaging is the strongest, in my mind because if it was banned it can have tremendous mental damage if done for the purpose of bad. In this article from Psychology today it talks about the good the positive influences of repeating compliments and reinforcement of behavior can add to an athletes win.

However I am sure the exact opposite could happen to those you don’t want to win depending on how you phrase and give information. If you have read the previous blog posts you would have heard that my day is filled with put downs, threats and obscenities. They usually tell me I am not good enough, or mfn, or no talent, or extremely ugly, or criminal and or the devil. I get these sayings, images and subliminal messages through most of my day. In fact, cars and people can be heard very loudly saying some version of these put downs. I call emotional abuse. The definition of emotional abuse is not yelling but the attempt or act of control. Of course people don’t think you are controlling them when a positive outcome comes through encouragement. But if your intent is to make some sad angry or depressed through control of the environment or interactions that is emotional abuse. When you hear someone literally say I want to see them have a major meltdown in public, that is not wanting or supporting someone’s well being that is simply uncaring emotional abusive attitude. Now I ask again how does a person think she has control of her future happiness when the people around are chained and trained to treat, talk and interact with you a certain way. There is no other term for it except emotional abuse through control. People don’t control me you say well them same people who are in control of my twitter feed and technology are the same people who have told me personally as they were monitoring emails for a business I used to work at, including the CFO she will never know about this because she will never get it and don’t tell them that because they will start asking for it or if you tell them that is a rule they don’t know because they just began, they won’t know any different. All controlling statements I think. In the past rules and laws were made public and now at least I have to I don’t know about you have to search for them, if I am ever to find them at all. In the last few years I have seen packaging become less informative than it was in the beginning. Everyone knows knowledge is power well if you find that you are getting less information than before you are being controlled. If you are told to only listen to one person and not another person you are being controlled. I value different opinions, I may not agree with them, I may think some are hateful but I do believe in free speech as long as it is not harmful emotional abuse. You can tell someone you don’t like someone or something they said by preserving their dignity and respect all the while building your wholistic respect too.

With all that said and all the information I am allowed to input keeps getting smaller. I combine things I have never seen or done before. My mind has stopped being able to sort things out. Just today I thought if was this person I WOULDN’T do that because it is sickening and disgusting I would be gentle. And then I put my hands up to see what I would do and stopped. I STOPPED because I didn’t want to even think or would be the type of a person to do it in the first place. Secondly I didn’t know how and I didn’t want to figure out how. There was no muscle memory to look back on because it didn’t happen in the first place. I stopped because I am not that type of person. Unfortunately this is happening more frequently lately me thinking about how and what and when I would do something I never did in the first place. It usually ends with me sick and disgusted. I apologize for it but also get angry why did I think of it because someone wrote a tweet that suggested I might have done something bad. So where does it leave me. Feeling awful about my thoughts that were suggested through subliminal messaging. These are triggers that people have used continually to get others upset at me or me upset or both. I can’t stop the images from occurring at the moment even though I am thinking of ways to stop. None has worked so I end up in a ball curled up distraught saying no I didn’t actually do it, it was just my crazy mind. No no no no I didn’t.

I still can’t believe I haven’t gotten to dreams yet. I promise I will write about them soon. This has been a very rough day.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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