It isn’t that speaking is hard, nor is listening to an opposing view.  I should know my world is filled with opposing views and unfortunately even I have seen things disappear for their differences of opinion.  What I think bothers people most in a disagreement is they simply don’t feel respected for their beliefs or as a person.  Think about it have you ever been in an argument and somebody doesn’t have the empathy to listen, hear, or even understand your side.  Some people think that is my downfall the inability to see the other side, however often I see your side completely or at least the information relayed to me.  I have put myself in your shoes but in some situations they never seem to fit.  I think in these scenarios it is important to realize some issues just might not be agreed upon.  For example, take a simple issue such as does the toilet paper positioning matter.  For you who may not know some people say there is a correct way to place the toilet paper on the toilet paper dispenser.  Now it could be a deal breaker or inconsequential for you or anywhere in between though are you able to see, respect and understand someone who doesn’t.  How would you handle the conversation if you were or encountered a deal breaker about it?  It’s knowing right whether the issue is just about toilet paper or something entirely different.  It’s knowing if this is a pick your battles or can you arrive at a consensus after talking.  Whatever it may be to me and I even have to work on this skill is to keep these issues doing anything except showing regardless of the outcome the argument was completed with sincere consideration, maybe then it could never be an argument but a conversation.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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