This Election


The last presidential election I was very vague about who I wanted to be president because I believe in people making informed choices for who they wanted in office based upon their own moral and ethical values.  I still believe that and because regardless of what is occurring in my life, it is important to rehmember to stick with the idea: be kind, honest, generous and always treat others with respect.  It is no surprise I have been going through a rough patch trying to maintain a smile despite the events around me.  Last week was the first time in a long time a person came up to me, asked me a question and I didn’t think they had an another motive.  Stay positive without expecting anything has been my go to thought. This is the result when time after time it feels I make a plan, make a goal only to see them tore down due to external circumstances.  So again, I find myself making it through a maze of walls. So when I vote for a leader, I vote for one that has gone through the struggle of everyday life and still succeeds.  One who will keep the USA out of conflict, out of debt, out of sickness, and out of hungar.  I choose to remain confident that one day this country will see its troubles disappear by being a model of respect and honesty for the country it governs.  I want that so our country can maintain its status as the leader, trend setter and model for all other nations in the world, regardless of any challenge our country faces now.

George Washington was voted for because he brought our countries freedom, Lincoln was voted for because he believed in the abolitionist movement, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was voted for because he would bring social security and jobs to those deep in the Great Depression.  In these times when people weren’t doing well they voted for the person that would bring them out of their troubles.  So whether you feel we are doing not so well or well, regardless of your chosen party VOTE for the one who you know is going to bring you out of the troubles you have been facing.  VOTE for your and our countries future.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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