Don’t Be Afraid 


They happened upon a road, several of them oh so different for a regular Sunday evening drive.  He thought it would be just a few minutes maybe twenty at most,  he needed some flour.  Just a little bit more for the bread he was making.  Sandwiches always seemed more tastier with his own bread, softer, fresher and as thick as he wanted it.  Though what was holding them, him and several of the other cars on the roadway, what was holding them up?  Soon engines stopped idling and he could see the people getting out of their cars.  They weren’t in a rush they slowly got out following the motions of the people in front of them.  Sounds were barely audible, conversations weren’t even occurring just people getting out of their cars almost tip toeing.  He did the same opening his door slowly and walking carefully down the street. No one seemed scared that was the weird thing, it was just curiosity what do we have to behold?  Then it came into view a large almost glowing animal a black  light couldn’t achieve the splendor of its fur coat and its glistening horn.  There it was a unicorn.  A mythical beast no more but living and here right before him and all these others.  It had come back to bring good a sign that soon everything will be bountiful.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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