coming home to walls within a mountain
bringing food killed and gathered
fires in the center warm the family
organizing the ground with skins to sleep

out in the open found flat stable ground
upon which trees, grass and stones together
make walls, a roof and an entryway
animals roam free within adding sound
to conversation as candles light the night

on approaching the twine holds laundry
once in a few rooms divide the living space
with commissioned portraits on the wall
dinner is warming on the cast iron stove
sleep tight on your straw mattress
the out house is round back

I’ll pump while you wash your hands
wearing my new machine sewn dress
do you think he saw through the window
I will show him our new prints bought in the city
as he sits on that couch right there
of course papa and mama will watch
as mama sews and papa reads under the gas lamp

this type written letter came yesterday
talking of homes full of curtains for privacy
wardrobes full of clothing
tubs filled with boiled water
food in cans ready to eat
tables for guests and everyday, in separate rooms
see right here is a photo taken from a camera
I’ll send a telegram saying “I will believe it when I see it”

stairs and extra rooms no longer rarities
what is new is machines that do work for you
carpets, rugs, cleaned with vacuums
telephones to call family
listening pleasures from the phonograph
even electric lights extend the day
ordering choice items from catalogs
like this new thing called a radiator
will be delivered right to our door

slept well on my coil springs
grabbed my clothes off the hanger
ate cold chicken from the ice box
later, at lunch I’ll grab an ice cream
and a soft teddy bear Jane wants
for George has his Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs
tonight I will enjoy that chocolate cake
made from that mixer I bought a year back
and a bath knowing it is all plumed well
ok honey, I will hand crank the car for you

homesteads turn communities
comfy in their forced air homes
where people gather round the radio
enjoying cocktails from automated blenders
for the invite sealed with tape
on notes written with ballpoint pens
said show off that hair dryer style
and your machine wash and dried clothes
the operator doesn’t hear the rotary dial
for the car pulled out of the garage
as the trash disappeared down the disposal

a day at the store brought
frozen dinners to be warmed quickly
cartons of milk to make items
soon stored in tupperware
coffee making itself for deals
between insurers are sealed with a smiley face
playing the message on the answering machine
says children are fine as Mr. Potato Head and Barbie
are now man and wife to buddy holly heard in stereo
no worries I took a photo with my new flash camera
I will show you when we come over
to watch the color tv at your place

while double paned windows are elemental
electric invades bringing energy efficiency
heating your veggie patty in the microwave
allows you to see movies on cable
no worries if you missed just record
for donkey kong awaits on your atari
while listening to cassettes give way to cd’s
built for readiness not long lasting
the market enjoys disposable cameras
seen with your disposable contact lenses
forgot to call use your mobile phone
as a way to find a cabbage patch doll
left in the neighbors bathroom as the fan hums

digital takes on the world
universal remotes activate
appliances start on timers
temperature controlled environments
explode within the world wide web
making Amazon today’s Sears Robuck Co.
all done on a smart phone
telling family members via several
social networking sites what’s
on satellite tv tonight
game boys pass time while
driving cars with air bags
resting assured tonight you will sleep
on mattresses made of memory foam

-Jennie Nawrocki

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