In line


just a few minutes
look at the time
it should be soon
some hours
have passed
since arriving
knowing crowds
form all wanting
the same thing
only few would
pass through today
paperwork complete
relatively easy
just hand them over
standard documents
but why so long
so many people
all rushing this day
nobody has moved
for quite some time
soon we all take turns
looking again
so much time
sitting and waiting
within the minutes
books read
friends called
notes written
alleviating wasted time
soon very soon
the day is ending
supper will be made
after all this
what else is there to do
analyzing schedules
chat with neighbors
check papers
will it be longer
only next in line
can’t it go faster
really it won’t take that long
this is important
hands figit in anticipation
for movement is imminent
opportunity to be finished
on with the day
it is getting really late
maybe another day
start over, what to do then
just a few more minutes
it will be good to wait
a little more won’t hurt
now it needs to happen now
time to leave
it is our turn

-Jennie Nawrocki

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