If we stood together, had no fighting
     then the world would be boring

If people didn’t make fun of others
     then we would never laugh

If we didn’t help each other
     then we wouldn’t be capitalists

If we don’t judge
     then how would we compare ourselves to others

If we spent today free
     then there would be no government

If we play to win
     then there would be no games

If we stayed in the past
     then there would be no tomorrow

If we didn’t love
     then there would be war

If we were greedy
     then we would have everything we need

If we think without research
     then we are always right

If we value someone based on following the crowd
     then terrible leaders were good

If we don’t do one thing
     then the world will have failed

If we impose our beliefs
     then the world would have no borders

If people are not part of the community
     then they don’t care

If we all believed this
     then we forgot something

-Jennie Nawrocki

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