in a moment of panic
letters to clarify
your perceived actions
I didn’t do
for I didn’t want it
your anger, your sadness
your disillusioned thoughts
intended to make sure
you knew the truth
I loved you enough
I respected you
there should be no
revealing everything
my endless thoughts
immense emotions
you still didn’t believe
now my trust is gone
my innocence lost
of a world of people
filled with good
because you didn’t
hear the truth
forever scarred
our bodies tainted with fear
identities disappeared
devastation rages
void of all compassion
not seeing the soul
only the target
regardless of feelings
never listening
for there must be more
beaten into submission
broken of life
boxes for all the victims
killed along the way
saline filled memories
remembered under stone
cease the hurt
be humane
through truth realized
seeing how you
didn’t want to believe
my truth, my honesty

-Jennie Nawrocki

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