I saw the pain
I felt the hurt
again, again
where did I go wrong?
wanted to be better
so the teasing
would cease forever
each fault I corrected
more were revealed
until there was
nothing but emptiness
a person void of emotion
was developed
reacting to survive
for it didn’t matter
good never lasted
because happiness
was always
the first to go
held as ransom
until I do as told
for incapable were my decisions
unsafe were my choices
every plan, every movement
has been cancelled out
meet this person
do this, it’s important
unable to live
without another
however, I eat, sleep
alone every night
soon the days filled
with unnecessary conversation
tainted with structured words
are dispersed
even from those with my own DNA
it’s good for you
we know what is best
so you must concede
whether or not we’re right
for more is in store
don’t worry if you get mad
we’ll write a prescription
just live here
everything will be clear
no worries, no work
it was honorary anyway
fill in the gap, until you comeback
this is what you need
rest your mind
for it is all figured out
towers of opportunity
we have arranged
guarded to assure safety
from those interactions
that we see unfit
for our goal
is for you to surrender your soul

-Jennie Nawrocki

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