love has no definition however its boundaries can be broken.
found everywhere for everyone but yet it is not always felt.
to have it, see it, feel it can cause
years of searching for love without gain.

when found

build for day to day moments of memories
encompassed with passion towards a continued connection
simply existing together rewards the sorrow of mistakes
find meaning in the truth love has no definition.
A poem explained:
I used to think romance was something out of a fairy tale. I never believed it was always the everyday gestures of sentiment that really show love. I may not have love but I am seeing more and more through talking with couples that have been together over 30 years how they stay together. It really ain’t a piece of cake and they will tell you that, but it is also a give and take but most important it is a commitment, a promise to sticking with each other. In other words who is going to be that person that takes the middle seat in an airplane.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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