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Someone asks you something or offers you something and you say no, yeah I am not really into that.


No I never cared for that.

Then the person says oh you must be into it because you said yes at first or you had to say no and talk about it because someone offered it to you. This is a ridiculous argument.

Let me give you entire conversation and you will understand more maybe.

Humans sister: Would you like some brussel sprouts?

Human: Yeah no I really don’t like them. Doesn’t have the brussel sprouts.

Human to a friend: Can you believe my sister offered me brussel sprouts, I don’t even like brussel sprouts.

Reporter: You don’t have to say your not into brussel sprouts if you are into brussel sprouts.

Substitute it with other items like:


Sky diving


Black licorice

Really just because you say no or talk about it doesn’t mean you tried it or have done it or like it without even done it. Seriously how many of you have denied liking sky diving because it is freaky as hell. Doesn’t mean you have done it.

In conclusion denying something doesn’t mean you have done it.

-Jennie Nawrocki