Our fearless leader went into a war zone to arbitrate a violent escalation.

Zelenskyy is fighting occupation of his freed country.

All I see is Russia attempting to rule.

It was once said in Russia that if you didn’t take new territories you aren’t a good leader. One of the reasons Czar Nicholas was killed.

Korea remained separated after their war.

We can’t be hypocritical and say we honor the indigenous cultures and then say you are under control by me.

Creating conflict just so things get better wasn’t how wars were won.

They won because conflict and violence against people and humanity was happening.

Free the slaves. Every country that had slaves were freed because it was inhumane. Hamas has hostages or slaves we must free them.

Yes Israel is under scrutiny for not allowing enough time for the innocent to leave but Hamas and Palatine militants didn’t give those concert goers any warning at all.

War is suffering. War is violence. Innocent lives are lost in wars and they aren’t even pawns in the battle.

Human or people shields are crimes and at least Israel isn’t using them as shields just Hamas. Isreal gave warning. Palestinian militants did not.

Stop the escalation be fearless arbitrary rather than an instigator.

Super leaders separate not escalate.

All you ever see is your greatest crime fighter take the bad villains away from the people and humans do the same. Most of the time your villains were put in jail.

Arbitrate, de escalate.

Solve the solution without violence.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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