Are You A Winner?


I saw this tweet or x post from the US Tennis Open

Really no one remembers or aren’t winners?

I immediately thought of all the Olympians who have won silver and bronze medals and we didn’t love them any less. If you have forgotten some let’s talk about Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps the US hockey team they have won more silver than gold medals. We also know Mikaela Shiffrin and all the different medals she won but still supported her. Oh and what about the Jamaican bobsled team immortalized in Cool Runnings they didn’t even get a chance to medal.

Also in the world of sports yes we know Micheal Jordan and Steve Curry but we also remember how Lebron James went up against Steve Curry. In the world of football just this last year we remember the mom Donna Kielce supporting her two sons on opposing teams at the Super Bowl. Does she think one son is less than the other son? Does she love or not help one son over the other? How about all those teams the rarely ever make the Super Bowl do you think Chicago stops supporting The Bears?

Now let’s stop to think about music and movies. Are you aware of how many artists never have received a Grammy or Oscar. Jimi Hendrix and Queen or Glen Close and Samuel L Jackson. Are they unworthy of you listening or buying their albums or movies. The reality is they are more then worthy of your loyalty and support.

So to sit there and lose your loyalty and support for the US women’s soccer team or even Serena Williams herself is absolutely bad moral character. Even Dwayne Johnson or The Rock who boasts about being the winner also respects and remembers all those wrestlers who taught him how to wrestle but never won belts. Get out of your cunt character and realize that every winner has to meet their match even though that match didn’t win they still won the hearts of people and are remembered because they have their own loving support just as Coke and Pepsi or cool mints vs samoas or Harvard and Yale.

So support that band, watch that movie and buy that merchandise from the team or person you support even if they aren’t number 1 or the winner.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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