March For All the People


Today is the commemoration of the March on Washington. This is an event that needs to be revered. Many people including Martin Luther King and Al Sharpton were there to make way in this world for the equality that has been achieved today! This world, our country cannot and should not let the rights for all people regardless of their race or religion visible or invisible be counted as less than equal. Forever it is the quality of persona that defines whether a person is valuable. Even then we must remember we are one human race only and we survive in communities or villages. Every person belongs. So don’t be snooty with your nose in the air like you are better than everyone else. Gain your vision by looking ahead not as it is right above you or in hindsight. Yes, look ahead. Gain perspective that what you see is inclusive. Everyone, everybody in that picture is important. If you only walk one path each day make sure to march where it winds into seeing all or every neighborhood only then will you really be for every person.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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