Huh what was that stress again?


🎼 When days are hot

When days are cool

There’s nothing we rather do

Then go swimming in the swimming pool 🎼

Camp song -author unknown

When I was a child

Summers were filled with swimming

Either at the community pool

Local lakes

And while camping

My mom was much on academics

She just didn’t want us inside

Watching The Price is Right and Days of Our Lives all day

So swimming we went

Sometimes I think my family was born in water

Those drops 💦 of water falling and covering your body as you exit the water.

Sitting with your family chatting and enjoying a picnic maybe even bbq.

A magazine or book you haven’t had time to read.

Or just simply savoring a 🍹🍷🧃🧉🧋you never know.

Sun rays warm the skin

Breeze just to cool the extra warm

And another dip if way too hot

Though always music to sooth the soul

Relax it’s your day at the water.

Stop stressing

Stop worrying

Stop screen time

You need to trigger gentility

Into extreme relaxation

So when you do work

You forgot what the word


Even means

-Jennie Nawrocki

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