Update to Explain


So it is June right and usually in June I (from here on out if you see I, me, my or myself it means Jennie Nawrocki, sick of writing about myself in the third person) cry big crocodile tears with snot and everything. And this June it is turning out to be no different. Heck even writing at 4 in the morning after a nightmare.

Well as you know I asked for an explanation. Here is the explanation I received. It all started with this.

Well during watching The View as I commonly get calls only during this time of day. I get this text message

Then I start getting tweets my dog has to be put down and our dog died it was not just one tweet it was several tweets like this.

Later that day I get a text from Phineas and a tweet from him saying it was his special day.

Though the impression I have received is that I was someone’s dog or cat on Twitter and throughout social media. Yet again not a person but a pet but it was better than being called a cockroach or rat, which has also happened.

So back to the nightmare which brought me to writing so early in the morning. Guessing it was Phineas telling me that it was never him in my dreams but just my building or next building over occupants. But this isn’t the first time I have also seen reports that it was my mom or sister who was Phineas. Either way. It is absolutely the rubber band ball covered in chocolate and caramel.

Even the pizza guy said it is your brother “good luck”. Of course not disguising himself as Phineas but controlling my life.

So I mentioned trust is impossible because of situations just like this. Years of dreams with Phineas only to be told none of them were Phineas that none of the Google chats were Phineas that I have never spoken or received a response from a celebrity just those around me acting as celebrities. That no celebrity knows who I am and never has heard from me instead it is just those living in my building or next building over. What the hell, and such deception.

Of course, before I went to bed on my way home someone said go home again what is that? if the people outside my window are screaming death threats and when I went to my families hone the same sabotage happened especially being told no one wants to hear my opinion. Before I mentioned that I was being babysat but really felt like prison guards. I don’t feel safe now and I didn’t feel safe visiting my family either. Definitely don’t feel welcomed or valued when they don’t want to listen to my opinion on anything.

Also recently overheard was when is she going to move. I ask where? Regardless of where I have lived it followed me the same sabotage the same death threats the same your opinion isn’t wanted. So where would you go? It is you can’t go home but you can’t stay here conundrum.

But to keep my sanity for now I am going to live in my unreal world and believe I was being hugged by Phineas and not some mask over a rubber band (ie persons around me violating my privacy without my permission). Seriously would rather think it was Phineas as your husband or a stranger/family member in disguise. I am staying with Onyx, Angel, and most specifically Phineas anybody else is just an evil cuntish nightmare.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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