Two stores were side by side starting at the same time with the same resources but one just wasn’t liked or frequented. So one store had to stop and start again as a worker of the store next door changing its whole identity but in its home location because the other store bought it’s bankrupt store and was lucky to even get a job.

One well established home has another home begin across the street. All of a sudden a wall down the middle of the street prevents the homes from seeing each other. Then one day on one side of the wall the home owner is gotten held down with zip ties and forced to watch as their home is torn down brick by brick, then the wall in the middle of the street disappears. Seeing a mansion where nothing was and nothing where their home was and hands still tied together the previous home owner is told he must go home. But the home owner said you just took down my home brick from brick? The controller said this was never your home or land now go home. Beaten and tied walking away form what was thought home wondering and wandering where home was or is?

What really happened or was it a combination of both?

-Jennie Nawrocki

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