When my mom divorced my dad in 1975. Women weren’t allowed to have credit cards or own homes without a male co signer. She had 5 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 13 years. She relied on government assistance to change laws so women didn’t have to have male co-signers, she also relied on the free and reduced lunch options and even food stamps. She went to work full time and school full time because she knew minimum wage does not support a family. We ate meals of baloney and bread for years. She managed her money so we had a roof, clothes and food. Heck my mom even made her own curtains and clothes. Everything was from scratch because it was cheaper. So when I hear that they want to take away funds for families like this because they think they will depend on the government welfare. Ha ha ha I was raised by my brothers and sister so my mom could work her ass off. Welfare as republicans call food stamps, Medicade and social security isn’t making people or humans dependent or manipulators of the system it is allowing families to breathe and spend time together. Not sure that if you heard a family that spends time together is more likely going to be have more productive members of society than those that don’t bond. Single parent families don’t devalue work they just choose to provide or work over family time.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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