The news stations are saying Russia is incurring huge costs having the war with Ukraine and to Russia the thought is yes war is expensive. WAR IS INSANE, it has costs to the economy, environment, social-emotional wellness and life. So why would you Putin decide to do this? Russia citizens are suffering.

It would be as if Canada decided to take Indiana. While not a major deficit to the USA but not a major acquisition either. You Putin decided to gain land because why? You are already one of the largest countries, what you need three helpings of piroshki’s instead of two, aren’t you watching your weight? To take Ukraine is basically is proving your dictorial selfishness Putin. What are you following what Czars needed to be powerful amongst citizens by taking land? Isn’t that why Russia is no longer a sovereign government. England learned a long time ago that when it came to taking land or colonization it made the natural or indigenous citizens of those countries dislike England authority, and USA is an example of that. Humans want freedom, we were born to be independent wise decision makers. Hence why western democracies are coveted. So as you desire a decent Ford, Ukraine is built tough and rejects the Putin authority and soon Russian citizens will reject you too Putin.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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