surprise no one


I can’t believe it

My future yesterday

Does not seem the same today

So long I wanted

Self sufficiency

I didn’t want

To be controlled

Now I am alone

And those

At the next table

Tell me


I am nothing


But what about

A husband

A house

A career

Then she sees

Herself in the future

The worst possible way

Sitting alone

In a restaurant

With a bad wig

Not imagining

Life as a old couple

But poor and alone

That ain’t a goal

It just sadness

I don’t even want

Nursing home aides

To care for me

alone leave me alone


Where do you want to retire?

Why does the security

Of the future

Through self-sufficiently

Seem so rewarding

There is no one there

No one


I need to re think this

-Jennie Nawrocki

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