The Beach


Sand warm with sun

Small and conforming

Millions of grains

Acting as pebbles

Under your feet

Finding open area

To lay a blanket

Or towel

Holding picnic supplies

For the day is young

And yourself

For naps

Only occur

When friends aren’t saying

Let’s jump in

But wait

Not too far

The life guards bellow

From a mega phone

The water may be temping

Even up beyond your ears

So once you get goosebumps

Out you step

Drenched and

Collecting every piece of sand

On the walk

To warm your body

Just as you did before

Only this time

You are finally able

To read that book

Everyone must read

Returning from the beach

Requires only one thing

Knowing when

I ever get to go

To the beach again

-Jennie Nawrocki

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