Happy Holidays


Most of the time my Christmas letter is about the things I did this year and basically, to put it in a nutshell I hate my thoughts and from what I gather you do to. I apologize for most of them, some weren’t bad. I mean heck writing a note of apology can’t be that horrible of a thought and action. Thinking about the rights of all people is a good thing too. The thing is and always has been any horrible thought I have is recognized and extinguished by myself immediately afterward. I am harder on myself than most people think. So when the bad thoughts occur and are classified as horrible I think of how I can bring good thoughts through healthy interactions. Furthermore, I am writing this letter as a way to remember not only the good but maybe bring a smile to faces of those I know.

The closest thing to what my Christmas looks like now is this photo but that doesn’t mean my Christmas’s weren’t filled with smiles.

This is what Christmas was like in my house, in fact that lower left photo could have been taken any day throughout my childhood. Growing up my stereo, tv, train set and board games and maybe sometimes Atari (more watching than playing) was how I spent my day.

Christmas is all about family and being excited for others good fortune of the love received. We stand or sit around together and watch

people exude thank you for your gift of love and then we eat until our stomachs weigh us down or put us in a slumber and then we eat some more.

So my friends and family think about the miracles of Christmas that were given by love and you will see the complete look of wonderment fullfilled as I did looking at Santa during my first Christmas.

Thank you all for a very Merry Christmas today and years ago.

Take care and much love,

Yours always Jennie

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