Lasting Desired Learning Is Always Positive


Maybe you do and maybe you don’t know but not everybody learns the same way. As a teacher I know, because not only are there kinesthetic, verbal or visual learner that you may know about

but here is the expanded intelligences that go along with them

then you add personality types

you get massively complex mix of students to teach in a classroom that is why schools came up with the differential learning instruction

so more successes are seen at the end of the year especially when you combine it with data.

This is proven educational standard, heck it is proven business strategy too. Think about it business uses charts and customer interest to create a variety of products that appeal to the majority of customers. For example, how many restaurants or stores do you know that just sell one item in one color, even apple sells their phones in different colors. We all don’t live in the same house with the same floor plans, why because we like and are drawn to what makes us feel like us.

So why is it that teaching or motivating by scaring or instilling fear is a standard. As far as I know I hated teachers who were my way or it ain’t happening individuals. I am not saying those who really taught me through repetition of high standards but those who decided early on you worth teaching as a student. I literally had a teacher tell me to stop going to his desk because I was asking too many questions about an assignment. I at the time by this same teacher was taken out of the resource room for help in reading. As a result, my mother had to pay for a private tutor because she knew he wasn’t teaching me. I increased my reading level 3 grades through that tutor. Some of you may have heard this story before but I learned because my mom said you will be able to go to college and I did end up getting a masters degree. While there were many nights crying with tears on final turned in papers I did improve. How she was positive, she always believed in me and didn’t yell, well maybe a few “you are going to do your homework and that is final”, but she was always positive.

My brothers not so much with certain things it was not them who taught me to ride a bike but a friend who didn’t care if I did or didn’t just that I stayed in the yard talking with her or walking along with her as she did. Not one tear was shed when I learned with her. Learning to drive also was painful because not only did my brother buy me a car just so I wouldn’t ruin his clutch he often would stand outside and give “instructions” because he didn’t want to be in the car with me as I learned. He didn’t even think I would pass, I did on the second time. But that was usual for me, every major test I took I took twice and much later. I learned to ride a bike at age 9 and got my license when 18. I was a slow learner to say the least. Though every time I look back I was much quicker when it was positive.

Cooking is a great experience of which I learned fast and without heart ache and tears. From the beginning I had no expectations just can you help me cook. I did more than lick the beaters after making cookies or cake. I slowly was able to clean, mix, chop, add, stir, simmer and so much more that following and adapting recipes was my thing. I made good food so much so, I rarely had leftovers if I was cooking for more than myself and family and friends started requesting dishes they liked me to make.

Learning and motivating is about knowing your crowd and your base. Now why did I say base instead of students because we are getting ready for elections and I want you to know that there are people who will motivate you to vote for them, there are some who offer what you know this country and your community needs. My readers whether you are friends, family or strangers we know the history of republicans and democrats, is your current incumbent or potential legislators a great teacher and motivator caring about all your needs or are they just saying stuff basically giving you one t-shirt in one color. If they do keep their promises are they just putting a band aid over a cut that actually needs stitches and scar reducing lotion. Think what these bills and laws might look like if you were in different situations or at different ages of life. The motto has always been prepare for the worst but make a goal for the what is required. This election vote for that same person that sees positivity brings you your healthy world through financial stability and safety now and in the future.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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