Stronger Than A Sword The Pen.


For years they have said words could never hurt but they do and to tell a child to buck up or don’t be so thinned skinned is sometimes necessary but there may be more to the story.

What qualifies as a bully someone who picks on those weaker than themselves. Well first I say to that is that the wrong use of power? Sure someone can handle a few jabs to their own ego especially if it is done through constructive criticism but when it turns completely vicious and never ending, it does eat away at someone’s spirit. This is known too by the bully because they don’t feel guilt or empathy or shame from the emotional sadness the person has, it is almost like they feed off the fumes of happiness leaving the body, resulting in fueling their power to bully further.

There is a way to talk with someone you may not like or disagree with are you going to it without caring or do you respect the person and talk with them in a civilized manner? How mighty is your pen?

-Jennie Nawrocki

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