What Idea Is Stronger Now?


I understand that this may have been a horrible stereotype in the past and glad I wasn’t reminded of it until now. I am distraught to find some humans and people called people with a dark skin color monkeys but nowadays there are new stereotypes and strong ones at that. To all those boys and girls who love the Dora monkey, Rafiki (Lion King), Donkey Kong, King Kong, Curious George, The Monkey King, Koko the Gorilla who knows sign language and my absolute beloved character Caesar from the Planet of the Apes. I wouldn’t mind being a monkey or an ape for that matter. Take the character Caesar for example either in the new or old series. He was sympathetic to humans and worked with them, he didn’t want war he was given war. He wanted a home and was taught that humans had a heart but greed, selfishness and ignorance combined with fear brought something that is horrible, war. Caesar is a hero in any movie you watch, he learned, he taught, he accepted and made a community that would do the same. He was a leader for creating Apes that could form a government and society with the communication abilities that Homo Sapiens continue to improve. It was the people that stepped away from the ideals and fortitude to listen that made stupid asinine wars. He wasn’t a separatist or my race is better than yours Caesar was for equality and living in comradery, a hero, my hero. Thank you to H & M for apologizing for this ad but what you should have done is either put up boys and girls of several races together wearing the same item or not sell anything with that saying because I do know there are some kids who like Caesar or Curious George.

-Jennie Nawrocki

I updated this post to reflect the language of today and to give more explanation of my positive intentions towards all races.

January 2018

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