A Way


I get frustrated, sad, angry and depressed.  I have to its my job.  In the words of Queen ‘Under Pressure’  that is my life.  I would ask for peace and I was given grief.  I would say here and they would say there.  I took all the options I had and slowly they were taken from me.  People say why don’t you do anything about your life? Well if something did go right soon it was taken away.  I have been continually told “no” so I started shouting “no” in response and if I protest then, I am told I have a bad attitude.  I lost everything family, friends, career, thoughts and ability to live freely.  Shouting yes was inappropriate but when you have been slapped in the face after being told you can’t have anymore trauma to the eye, refused proper medical care and all I did was shout “no” I think under the circumstances I composed myself well. There is a way to protest, a way to argue with keeping the dignity and respect of all involved.  Find it. Live it. Breathe it.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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