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Being a blogger or someone who writes their thoughts every week I watch my news feed quite a bit, it was a very busy week.  

I am in no position to lie, why? Because even when telling things from my point of view, perspective  or my side of the story, it seems everyone has instantaneous access to it.  There is no fooling the public when it is right out there for everyone to see.  Whether that is still true or may have changed recently but there is still the possibility, so I learned I have no secrets or privacy.  It is true someone always finds out.  So I have learned to live my life open and even without white lies. I have also learned to live without.  Unfortunately, to hear a yes that is beneficial and in my favor is a shocking surprise that I look forward to every day even if it may never happen again.  Take it from someone who’s monumental big brother (figuratively and literally) is always watching and controlling my news feed.  While I work at doing and thinking what is right. 

With layers and issues it is hard to separate everything. I fight the bad while thinking of the good.  However, It is not easy when one person wants you to think one way and you know the earth is round.  There is a part of me that is really messed up with everything around, I know this.  The argument is who started it but we know the reality.  We have suggested images etched in the mind from what it is to be believed versus what occurred.  It really is two fold they suggest something and I think, ugh and then I see what is suggested and then that is shown with another possibility then it is upped, my version their version until we all are puking because it got so gross and non of it happened in the first place to begin with, really it is all our imaginations our visions gone twilight zoneish.  I begged not to be inundated by these images,  that was just encouragement as well as anger and ignoring it or even saying no that never occurred, again only encouragement for several years this has gone on until I have found myself surrounded by this poisonous fruit in a room I am stuck in thinking maybe they will let me out maybe, though I know this is not the English Patient but really the Hunger Games with those berries in front of me.

I say what I say because I am the only one who will tell my side of the story. 

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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