I have no revelations this week or venting to spew.  I have been processing the world around.  I don’t think I am the only one who isn’t in the same spot.  I think the transition of the new year whether good or bad has effected most in some way. If you know me as much as I actively embrace positivity in as much of my world as I can, my life is the most unstable it has ever been and I am not just talking about the election of a new president, a transition we are all aware of now. I am talking little things too.  I recently started being a tourist in the city I live and saw this piece below that was intriguing.  I look at everything from here to there, things I had never seen before or things I see from a different point of view. It is all surreal sometimes and sometimes it is very real.  No matter how small or big your transition into the new year has been what matters is all those you included into your sanctuary of family and friends, through kindness towards others.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

PS. Sorry for the bad picture.

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