Guys and gals we have all heard of man-splaining, well if you haven’t it is that posture of man while sitting.  Legs ever so spread as if squeezing man parts is the equivalent of being kicked in the balls.  Now stay with me gentleman, I understand it I completely do, whenever I sit I always find myself sitting crisscross applesauce if I am able.  

Though this is not about that type of man-splaining.  This is about another type of man-splaining.  Have you ever seen two men if given the opportunity they will not sit in seats directly next to each other.  I went on the train and found a seat available between two men, they weren’t talking and didn’t seem associated with one another.  Though as we started towards the next stop they started talking over me or through me or whatever way you want to say it.  I as a kind gesture started to to ask would one of them like to switch seats.  I received such anger back.  I didn’t understand, the only thing I could think of was they needed to man-splain.  After a few exchanges of conversations back and forth I think one gentleman got it, I was truly just trying to be friendly and curtious.  So for those of you who still think man-splaining is necessary to keep your testosterone, I give you this photo of two well respected men who only scream masculinity even when they are sitting side by side.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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