I know I have written a lot about things many people would say “Huh, why do you care?” My only answer to that is “Why not care!”  You care about yourself enough to get dressed, keep clean and find away to live in the warmth of the home you created.  So again, I ask, why not care?  Care about the people around you, the neighborhood you live in, the city you work within, the country you pay taxes for, and the world that continues to give us oxygen to breathe.  Caring is not just personal, it is a mandatory universal. We all contribute either way so make it something you don’t have to complain about.  Make the world complaint free, or at least above a level of smog and dust because we all want to know what made the worlds oldest person live so long. I bet it was because they let the insignificant things go and cared about the important items.  So what are you going to add to your list of what to care about?

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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