Millennials Technology 


I have been around awhile, some people may even call me old.  Millennials that I am surrounded by grew up with technology.  They know it’s ins and outs and think nothing of it’s power for to them it is like a light bulb you can’t imagine life without it.  So when something new comes, the latest upgrade is necessary at all costs.  Though they don’t understand that it may not be thoroughly tested and know the bugs that arrive with the latest app, or how that may affect something or someone.  Think of drones, they have had a few mistakes before being able to be widely used or accurate in their delivery.  I remember the first self locking car, it could unlock any car with the same frequency not just one car your car.  That is like having a key to every house in the neighborhood, might as well not have locks then if everyone or even one person can get in all the houses.  Where is the privacy?  The sense of safety?  I know my stuff is safe because I know everyone who has access to it, but do you really?  Do you really know, with technology someone could be unlocking your things from next door or miles away, if they had the right codes and you wouldn’t even know it.  Though I guess for a millennial it doesn’t matter because sharing things with others is natural, every detail even possibly what underwear they are wearing that day.  It can be controlled right? Well remember technology is so sneaky that you may not even know and that #*%hole down the way could be the one with all your information putting it online under unusual names or simply leaving your home unlocked to anyone around. Good thing we know who has access to our computer, right millennials? or do we? because remember anyone at anytime is developing new controlling apps, including %^+hole 1 or #%^hole 2.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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