I have been crazy all my life. 

Crazy to think that people think of others just as much as they think of themselves. 

Crazy believing that people like the world we live in and understand we need to protect the environment and there is global warming.

Crazy to say war is bad.

Crazy to have integrity in which that is what is said in front of one person is still followed through even when they are not there.

Crazy to love someone you don’t even know just because they are a living human being.

Crazy to stand up for injustice even in my own family.

Crazy to try to eat more fruits and vegetables in my diet and believing fries do not count as a salad.

Crazy to write when no one cares to read.

Crazy to have hope.

If these things are crazy then, yes I am crazy.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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