Blue, Purple and Red


Yesterday, I went to an art store looking for supplies for writing letters and all that was available in the clearance section were blue, purple and red calligraphy pens.  Now I don’t have much money as you can tell by me doing most of my shopping in the clearance bins but based on what I saw I thought I might be able be able to, obviously I was a little indecisive because of my limited choices but maybe if I had all the right materials.  Turns out to make all the cards I wanted and the pens to write them with it became more than I could afford.  It was like The Gift of the Magi one does not go without the other.  Though after careful thought if I had a few of each, I had a start.  When I got home I thought how does blue, purple, and red go with Christmas? 

Morning came and I opened the Bible, yes I actually read the Bible. 

Now I know I may have lost some readers at this point but you never know the next short paragraph might be interesting give it a read.  

Anyways, I read the Old Testament or as some people who are Jewish refer to it as the Torah and the random page I first turn to is a page talking about temple decoration.  In reading this chapter what colors do they use?  They used blue, purple and scarlet.  Some may find this surprising but to me this occurs a lot. So is it coincidence maybe, but I am not taking my chances I am going to send out at least one Christmas card with blue, purple and scarlet.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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