Love vs Fate


I have talked about love before in several different ways, forms, and levels of strength.  However, I don’t think I have combined love to the act of faith or fate or is it hope, positive thinking, well whatever it may be these together have always seem to allude me. 

A person in a relationship could think everything was going well until they find out was hiding a bad habit.  It could be drugs, hidden bank accounts, secret lovers, or even problems with their health or job.  Any one of these things or a combination could hurt a marriage. The unknowing person within the relationship didn’t predict or want it to happen, in fact, they viewed everything as going well.  They always thought positive about this significant person in their life and their communication with each other. 

So when it comes to positive thinking in this scenario two things were hurt, trust in individuals close to you and faith in humanity in general.  Hence, a feeling of great sadness when something is found out.

The remaining question is how does one love that deeply again, if at all?  I guess factors like how many times it has happened and the support of people around you.  Speaking as one who has been hurt, it is a balance between allowing vulnerability to show one can trust again and general idealism that people want to keep relationships in a very positive way. I would assume it is also the people you are with creating the same disfunctional or increasely healthy interactions. So my question to you is who is in control of the weather in your relationship?

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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