Our Memorial Day


This weekend we honor those that have served our country, whether they given their lives, served their homeland, or are currently in active duty.  This duty to your country has begun since people began living and building communities, each person served a purpose, each person had their duty.  Though in days past it was monarchs who ruled with their advisors the governed kingdoms had their rulers and the majority be peasants.  During some of these times societies and cultures flourished as each person had what they needed, where everyone was provided for and the average citizen felt important, take care of, safe.  Those people in those societies have what every person vies for on a regular basis they had security, they felt everything would work out well.  The terror of impending invasion, war or general governmental unrest relies on the people we have elected into office, who intern rely on their branches of government to recruit those who are able to now interact on a global scale far more than ever imagined.  With the internet we are no longer several nations we are one community where everybody has access to what everybody else is seeing.  There is a new branch of service that each country is developing the technological branch.  World leaders are meeting together on very different levels than ever before because regardless of your background you have access.  The world is based on full connections that are very discrete in nature but very powerful in force.  Now the men in uniform use this world as a 4th dimensional or Z axis.  Some would say the final frontier was space though really we found unchartered territory in technology.  How does it all work?  How should we have it work?  There are people who have spent their lives learning to communicate in a format that serves beneficial diplomacy to all nations and backgrounds.  These are the same people that carry the seal of their country, nation, society.  They are in that role of leadership because of their commitment to enhancing the lives of everyone and everybody in their society as well as those around the world.  They don’t wine and complain and cry like babies when things don’t go their way they look at the situation and make decisions based on history of continual working flourishing societies and the sole need to create mutual respectful productive societies for everybody involved.  That is the conversation today, that is what this memorial day is about honoring those in uniform of all types in all ways agreeing for the lines of communication to remain open.  Agreeing that we in many ways are united nations living together for one purpose and one purpose only, to live in a world without terror towards an individual, race, religion, or country.  These are the memories we all want to have when look back at events past not whether we berate people but how we enhanced each others emotional security to a level never imagined.  It was how we lived, it is how we live, that is the memory to hold and maintain. to have a sense of emotional well being for not only ourselves but our country and the world as a whole.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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