The Wall


A strange feeling when faced with calamity of a wall.  The wall has no openings and remains outside the realms of a body’s reach.  Its vast clear vertical surface  smooth and free of divots allows  no sections of which to hold onto it, for it only slides or releases materials that try gripping its front.  Even methods to climb over the wall are null and void as it seems to grow taller on approach.  Walking around finding there is no end to its borders completely become evident when one is present.  Built of material impenetrable and covered with paint invisible to the naked eyes.

How does one build a wall so vast with material so indestructible even drilling is not successful.  The owners wanted to hold violent attacks, evil intentions, crazy thoughts, and fools who are stupid to go along with wars of justice without cause.  The catches of societies who conform degenerates of the human race into believing that they are the greatest of everyone and that their ways are the only ways at least this is what the leader infuses into their cranial lobes. Their ultimate goal is to chop off the ones that don’t belong.  Those who speak, write, walk and look different then others are left behind unless they themselves conform to the populous, even then membership cannot be guaranteed for if you fall outside of the lines, you too are left.  This wall was built to allow freedom of thought, personal individuality, mutual respect, and honor compassion combined with empathy.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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