We The People


When people ask me whom are you going to vote for in any election I always say I vote for those who are for the MAN. When I say that I mean the populous, the people who barely can survive to those who have enough to support their family but would crumble in the face of a medical or natural disaster. People who have calluses on their hands because they work beyond the regular workday and don’t have business deals over long lunches or at the golf courses. These people are men and women are of any race, spiritual and/or cultural beliefs. These are the people that are the blood, muscles and bones of America the ones who built it. The ones who said British Tyranny was not for us, we want to believe and do what we want, that is the land of opportunity that is the land of freedom.

Now I don’t believe this is the land of opportunity or freedom, our press is so skewed or scared that hardly anyone believes it is objective and just the facts. Recently, I have read they are even thinking of censoring the internet for either political http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/18/house-republicans-block-net-neutrality_n_824917.html or business http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110118/12431012712/companies-who-support-censoring-internet.shtml reasons. If these are true, then we really have lost one of the most fundamental rights as citizens, our freedom of speech. No one can deny that people naturally bend information in their favor so that they can sell a point or product. Heck, you look at all those prescription drug ads, they have to say the side effects but as they are saying it they show a picture of very content people having a good time. However, it was the people over the years demanding that advertisers be true to their claims because they were being burned all too often by the true product. Again and again that is was it takes to start change is more than one person to band together and say this is unfair, this is unjust change the law, change your ways or we will not stop advocating for the good, the protection of the people.

We saw the benefits of this in Egypt but it is really happening in Wisconsin right now. The public unions are fighting for the benefits they have gained over the years. Being a school teacher and family member to those who live and breathe in the private sector I have seen both sides of the story. I have seen my brother lose his business because times are tough and smaller businesses had to combine in order to survive. I have seen jobs move over seas because businesses want to skirt unions and their seemly high demands, the same ones that the public unions have now. The only and I mean the only reason that public unions have remained strong is because they are the jobs that you can’t outsource and by breaking these public unions the government is saying we value business more than the people.

In essence the people, business and the government all suffered a huge fatality, it has become a highly flawed system. I am not going to sit here and vent my frustrations without offering a solution. I say the people; the businesses and the government get back to the table and negotiate. Negotiate ways to give people back their jobs, health care, and pensions by businesses not being allowed to outsource any more. Believe me if you find a way that a family shouldn’t have to starve or lose their modest house in order to live and breathe for their entire lives, I think you will find the people to be more flexible. Really all the people want is to feel as secure as possible and would be willing to work with you to get achieve that pursuit of happiness. I also think that any business should not be able to mark up any item beyond 100% manufacturing, transportation, and personal costs combined. If such profits exist beyond that they should give it to the people via charity. In addition the government should really focus enforcing those laws that focus on protecting the people rather than someone who has the ability to sue because her coffee is too hot and she didn’t receive proper warning. As for the people start taking responsibility for the common sense that has been taught to them over several years. I don’t know about you but when I order anything hot I will automatically be extra careful with it because my Home Ec teacher taught me to handle hot objects in the kitchen carefully, the fireman always wants people to have a smoke detector in the house because hot things burn, the police man arrests people for even threatening to hurt someone with hot things, heck even Smokey the Bear says something like only you can prevent…. Finally, when accidents do happen, we are people after al, the EMT comes to help you but that doesn’t mean you get to sue someone because you forgot to be careful. Really people, don’t go for the gold by never really panning for it, you have to work for it just like everyone else.

This week we celebrated Presidents Day and thinking about all the great presidents that people continually celebrate, each time those presidents Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, etc. all truly represented the people and worked to bring them together and make everyone equal in one form or another. They all brought this country out of great distress. A state we are living in regardless of whether or not we are officially out of a recession. We now live in an age where you must have proof before you can do anything. To me the proof that we have lost a government for the people by the people is that the people have now become serfs under the king autocracy rather than the, We the People, a democracy, who gathered together for the freedom, equality and rights of all.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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