She walks down the street, there are signs everywhere. Reading each one, taking in its size, shape and meaning. Each day they are give feelings of anger, sadness, laughter and pure happiness. They are clear remembering them a sign is information, it is up to the viewer to take action.
Somedays she follows the sign buying milk for her coffee, new shoes for 60% off, takes a right to go to the zoo, supports a chair, even to see a play.
Today she goes for lunch.
”Hi Larry!” Smiling big.
”Amber it has been awhile, pastrami sandwich on rye, no mayo, everyday I keep the best slices for you.” Larry’s heart is pumping.
”That is sweet Larry, thank you! You know me so well.”
Getting out the bread ”I try to know all my customers, you, you I prefer to see everyday.”
Blushing Amber squeaks ” You are the reason I come in here, too.”
She looks at him while he spreads the tomato slices. He is cute, funny, and nice.
He sprinkles the lettuce I wonder if she will go out with me, if only she gave me a sign, something that tells me she is interested, something.
She then asks ”Did you se that sign up on Sassafras? The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s finest.”
”That and Hamlet are always seat edgers for me.”
”Right, I swear immobilizing beams come and paralyze me every time the lights dim. I was thinking I would buy tickets, I just need to find someone to go with” Amber hinting.
”That will be $6.52. What about Reba? Don’t you always take her.”
Handing over her card ”Yeah I could.”
Sliding the card I would really love to go, but she has someone. ”oh, he says have fun.”
Why wont he say he wants to go, I really want to go with him. Placing the well used card in her purse.
I really want to go with her, he dreams as he hands her the sandwich.
”Maybe tonight I will buy tickets, it would be a nice show to see.” Hoping she says come with me.
”That is a good idea I really look forward to it!” hoping he would invite her. ”Gotta go or the boss will ride me. Bye.” Sighing as she smiles and waves.
She heads back to work thinking why wouldn’t he give me a sign.
He watches the door swing close, why didn’t she give me a sign.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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