I have spent so long writing and speaking for others, while living through their quotes, my originality has waned. It took a long time for me to be real and not live through colloquialisms. I have my own stories to tell, they are not meant to change your life, judge your actions or directives in your daily world. I tell them because they are the voice of my thoughts with a mixture of imagination, hopes, and reality. The full circle of it is that it is the only way I communicate safely, or is it. I found out that even when the internet is published regardless of the amount of followers, everyone has an opinion. The bell curve of thought begins and it is the outliers that are brazen and remembered, bad or good. Why can’t the curve close into a circle it does, only to connect with another, flowing infinitely eventually leveling at any point. To be shy and not write or write to others opinions is without internal emotional freedom. However to write without intention of compassion leaves no one satisfied. Conversation written or verbal is meant for connection, your level is dependent on your own reality of compassionate communication from within your self.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to be told how to think, feel and believe, no one does. Manipulators who fish and/or change the situation for their individual benefit will tell you it is for the best, because they care, while the whole time only using you until they get what the need and dropping you the second you aren’t needed. They are the corporations that run this world, they are depleting our natural resources because they think they will always find a way to get what they need, when the only thing you can take to the grave with you is your conscience. To me conscious is being aware how you affect others and dealing with your own personal hang ups. Everybody brings their issues to the conversation it is how well you know yours and what you do to counteract it, if negative, that makes you an individual.

At times I feel what ever I say someone has said before but just my cover twist of their tune. True lasting invention is filling a unknown needed void. Invariably coming from the phrase “wouldn’t it be nice”. Although it is the person that puts action into that statement is the inventor rather that the idea maker and rightly so. I think I have to write just to get the other thoughts out of mine. I don’t think that is selfish, I think of it as stepping out of the ditch.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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