A Conversation


“I will go there.”


“to the ends of the earth”

“but the earth is round and always spinning…. won’t you get dizzy become passed out never seeing the end, never being finished”

“Why would I want it to be final?”

“then you can stop, rest and live your live the way you are supposed to everyone needs to do that!”

“but where is the fun in that? I get to see the world”

“You will be broke and torn!”

“Wouldn’t you want to be the one item in the Antique store that the edges are worn from wear?”

“I thought fresh out of the box was better?”

“For a museum, maybe who wants to be always fragile and never touched. Where are the scars that tell the stories, there is no life in it, just something to admire.”

“It’s safe!”

“It’s boring!”

“Go then, don’t blame me for not warning you”

“I have already fallen’ into a centrifuge separated from the core.”

“I always knew you were missing a few parts.”

“That’s right, little bits of me floating in space.”

“Space? Out of this World? Don’t you want to be home?”

“Home is where the heart is.”

“yuch, this again!”

“It’s true, don’t you see?”

“See what?”

“That is exactly my point!”

“You see what you want to see.”

“You’re confusing me.”

“I know, I’m confused myself…those must be the missing parts”

“You got me spinning”

“That is what I am trying not to do. My mind, body, spirit or soul, however you want to call it, even my heart were floating everywhere, I chose to follow my heart.”

“STOP talking in Hallmark cards!”

“Again that is my point!”

“A Hallmark card has something for everyone. Some are disappointing, sad, humorous, enduring, cheerful….you get me. However they are all given to display and affirm love.”

“Love? You have really gone crazy now!”

“You always feel loved when I am around haven’t you?”

“Yes, mostly well there was this one time….”

“I swear if you bring that up….”

“You really need to learn to lighten up…..maybe that is the missing part? Sometimes you aren’t always here.”


“Circles we are spinning circles”

“I was here but this bit was over here and this person had this, I was never together, that is why I need to go.”

“Won’t that pull you further apart, being everywhere…..Where is it you are going you have said yet?”

“Not quite sure.”

“Then why leave?”

“cause I am not all here, I need to be there to be here.”

“You are exhausting.”

“Sleep any chance I get these days.”

“You must be going on a quest, you are not looking for the Holy Grail are you?”

“Even Monty Python thought that was funny. I know what I want and where it is.”

“Then what is it? Don’t tell me Precious Moments, now I am getting sick”

“So was I!”

“Then stop!”

“Would you stop if you didn’t feel full?”

“Don’t get me started talking about food, you know how I love to eat.”

“So do I, but we will do that later.”

“What’s later?”


“Where do you want to go?”

“I already told you to the ends of the earth”

“Oh, we are back on that again.”

“Look I will always be what you wanted me to be successful, respected and loved, though this time it will be different I will be satisfied because I have everything I have always wanted.”

“But you won’t be here.”

“I will, there will be more of me here then ever before…all because I went to the ends of the earth to follow my heart, to be with my soul and have my body feel one with another.”

“More Hallmark cards!”

“Think of it this way. Because you picked the card for you, you will always feel loved for the fact I have sent the love just the way you need it.”

“This is starting to get very cheesy.”

“Yeah! I am ready to go to Dick’s now.”

“Are you calling me a Dick?”

“You can be, but I want a Dick’s cheeseburger.”

“Good because I don’t even have one, but I will take one of those.”

-Jennie Nawrocki

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