I started with hope

And that was soon gone

Then I said ok I can adjust

With no end in sight still

But that was soon gone

Just do this and all will be good

Soon I will be free

It is the new normal

Well 2020

You better start showing positivity

Because so far this year sucks

And my patience

Will never subside


Because we have yet

To vote for a president


Winter is coming


As soon as hurricane season is done

And the holidays occur

I know something you might not remember

It will be 2021

And a fresh start will begin again

So build hope

Savor flexibility

And most of all

Make your new normal

Better than normal

Because why clean house

If you leave something undone

You got the time

And it is your house anyway

Make it more than tolerable

Only livable


And satisfying

– Jennie Nawrocki

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